Census and Demographic Data Access

The APL serves as a Wisconsin resource and clearinghouse for demographic data, census products and programs, and research on population and community issues. We respond to requests for data and information from citizens, policy makers, public agencies, non-profits and community-based organizations. The APL also provides direct access to demographic data through interactive, web-based tools for mapping and downloading data.

Past Projects

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School Enrollment Projections

Demographers at the APL provide an enrollment projections package to address facility and staffing needs of school districts. Our central models are based on cohort component methodology, but models can be modified to meet the needs of individual school districts. Districts may also choose more detailed studies including projections for financial planning and housing development analysis.

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Past Projects

Planning for the Schools of Tomorrow: School Enrollment Projections

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Education and Outreach

The APL provides direct education and outreach on population data and trends, census programs, and the issues and concepts of applied demography. These efforts are supported in part by a longstanding connection with UW Extension. APL staff produces publications and gives invited presentations on topics such as population redistribution, racial/ethnic minority population changes, and school enrollment trends . We also design and teach classes, workshops, and trainings on a wide range of topics and skills development.

Past Projects

small outreach icon Population and Housing Trends in Wisconsin
small outreach icon Population Projections and Practicalities
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Web Development

APL creates custom web applications to access, interact with and map complex datasets. Linking databases to user interfaces and visualizations allows for the discovery of new insights and provides compelling ways to view and share data.

Past Projects

small web icon Wisconsin Food Security Project
small web icon Wisconsin Risk and Reach Project
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Health Geography Research Support

The APL supports research on many geographic dimensions of health and healthcare. In particular, we work with researchers on and off campus to answer questions related to geographic disparities in health care and health outcomes, such as, "Where are risk factors and protective resources concentrated, and what populations are most affected?"

Past Projects

small health and GIS icon Neighborhood Atlas
small health and GIS icon NH Health Projections
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Population Estimates and Projections

From local to state and national levels, APL prepares population estimates and projections for a wide range of clients. Depending on client needs and data availability, we can create estimates and projections with detail by age, sex, household type or other variables. Our goal is to not only produce estimates and projections products, but to help our customers understand past and current trends and to prepare for a changing demographic future

Past Projects

small projections icon WI Future Population
small projections icon SE WI Projection Methods
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GIS Services and Analysis

The APL staff uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other spatial analytic tools to support a better understanding of the social world. Our research and outreach efforts in this area draw on expertise in cartography, address geocoding, spatial statistics, spatial database construction and interactive online map design.

Past Projects

small GIS icon Ancestry Map
small GIS icon Youth Diversity
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Data Visualization and Graphic Design

APL staff can create polished maps, charts, and infographics for your reports and papers, and user-friendly interactive graphics for the web. We also offer poster design and logo design services.

Past Projects

small web icon 35 Health Measures Illustrate Disparities Across Wisconsin In 2019
small web icon How Wisconsinites Commute Across The Urban-Rural Spectrum
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